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Sandman Papers

Joe Sanders

Neil Gaiman’s Sandman is a phenomenon — a mass-circulation comic book that caught and held the attention of serious readers. Besides its mass appeal, The Sandman has long interested students and teachers in myriad disciplines, and they have begun sharing their reactions by writing analytical essays.

This book gathers some of the best of this criticism, most by young scholars and all written in readable, jargon-free language. The book contains twelve wide-ranging essays of criticism, exploration, and appreciation. Each grapples with questions of how script and art combine to make The Sandman an especially complex, rewarding comic.

Neil’s masterpiece (one of my favourite comics work), like most of his work, is rich in layers, subtext and references to other works of world literature, mythology and theology; it is one of those series that really do require re-reading to get the most from it and books like this or Hy Bender’s Sandman Companion are essential – even fans like myself who think they know a good bit about the Sandman will learn something interesting and new. Features a preface by Neil Gaiman.

Fantagraphics, paperback, 280 pages, published April 2006

What The Author Says

You can read what editor Joe Sanders had to say about the background to his interest in The Sandman and the creation of this collection over on the FPI Blog.

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