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Rogue : The Complete Collection

Tony Bedard
Cliff Richards
During her time with the X-Men, the mysterious young woman known as Rogue has been many things. Soldier, friend, student…and daughter. But when a mission brings her back to her childhood home in Mississippi, Rogue comes face-to-face with the demons in her past — and a terrible secret that has haunted her family since her birth! With Gambit on hand to help out, Rogue must discover her parents’ fate! Then, when a photograph surfaces of Rogue and Mystique during their time in the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants — a photograph that Rogue has no memory of — her search for the truth takes her all the way to Japan! 
And during clashes with Sunfire and Lady Deathstrike, a traumatic encounter will leave Rogue drastically changed! Who is Blindspot — and is she Rogue’s best friend, or greatest foe? Collecting Rogue (2004) issues #1 to 12, written by Rob Rodi and Tony Bedard, pencilled by Cliff Richards, Karl Moline and Derec Donovan, featuring cover artwork by Rodolfo Migliari.
Marvel, paperback, 288 pages, published August 2015 







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