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Preacher Volume 8 : All Hell's a' Coming

Garth Ennis
Steve Dillon

A new edition of the collection including Preacher #51-58 and the one-shot Preacher: Tall in the Saddle. See how Jesse and Tulip first met as well as how she became so deadly proficient with a gun.

This volume also serves as both a brief break before the final, oncoming storm and a sot of recap of this long series as Jesse drives across the USA towards his showdown at the Alamo, picking up hitchhiker's who often turn out to be characters from earlier tales.

Preacher always drew heavily on two of the most American of genres, the Road Trip and the Western; here it combines both in Jesse's drive across that vast land and the fact he is heading for a final showdown in the Texas shrine to Western spirit, the Alamo. Jesse Custer is coming home and Hell is riding with him. Outstanding.

DC, trade paperback, 256 pages  MATURE READERS

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