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New X-Men Omnibus Hardcover (New Edition)

Grant Morrison
Frank Quitely

Grant Morrison’s wildly innovative X-Men saga returns! The X-Men, re-imagined with a new look and a new mission, must face weird new threats including evil twins, organ harvesters, sentient bacteria, rebellious mutant youth, power-enhancing street drugs and living weapons!

Joined by wicked telepath Emma Frost and mysterious powerhouse Xorn, the X-Men go public - expanding Xavier’s school to train a new generation of mutants including the insect-like Angel, the bird-boy Beak, the living sandstorm Dust and eerie telepathic quintuplets the Stepford Cuckoos.

And as secondary mutations alter familiar mutants, the team is tested when Emma Frost sets her seductive sights on Cyclops, the all-consuming Phoenix threatens to rise again, and shocking traitors plot the destruction of everything the X-Men have accomplished! Featuring the Shi’ar Imperial Guard, the X-Corporation, Fantomex and more!

Collecting New X-Men (2001) issues #114 to 154 and Annual 2001, written by Grant Morrison, pencilled by Frank Quitely, Ethan Van Sciver, Leinil Francis Yu, Igor Kordey, John Paul Leon, Phil Jimenez, Keron Grant, Chris Bachalo and Marc Silvestri, with cover artwork by Frank Quitely.

Marvel, hardback, 1120 pages, published August 2012 (new edition)

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