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Modern Monstrosity Presents...

This rag tag anthology features artwork from a number of small-press publishers and some first time contributors. The overall effect is a fine example of the great comics coming out of the British underground scene in 2006, brought to you by the same team behind Tales From the Flat (if you like Clerks or Spaced you should check out TFTF).


This A5-sized collection features stories from, Andrew Cheverton, Oliver Smith, David Baillie, Dan Lester and Tales From The Flat team, Laurence Powell and Oliver Lambden to name just a few... 58 pages of B&W artwork in a perfect bound little package – a perfect starting point for those readers looking to dip their toes into the UK Indy market. You can also check out the Modern Monstrosity website for more info.


Modern Monstrosity Comics, 58 pages, A5 size, perfect bound spine




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