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Marvel Masterworks : The Defenders Volume 2

Steve Englehart
Sal Buscema

The Dynamic Defenders, comicdom’s most famous non-team, launch into their second Marvel Masterworks collection with the granddaddy of all mega-events—the Avengers/Defenders War! Thor vs. Hulk! Silver Surfer vs. the Vision! Namor vs. Cap! It’s a super hero battle royale orchestrated by the mystic menace Dormammu and the mischievous Loki. Concocted by Steve Englehart, the cross-title adventure is collected in full and has never looked better!

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! This packed-to-the-gills collection also includes Attuma’s invasion of the surface world; Hawkeye’s joining the ranks of the Defenders; the all-time classic battle with the Squadron Sinister that brought Nighthawk into the Defenders’ fold; a team-up with Professor X to stop Magneto and the his Ultimate Mutant; and at long last, the return of the Black Knight! They’re classics that redefined super teams forever, one and all, so come join the revolution with the Marvel Masterworks!

Collecting Defenders issues #7 to 16, Giant-Size Defenders #1 & Avengers #115 to 118, written by Steve Englehart & Len Wein with Tony Isabella, pencilled by Sal Buscema & Bob Brown with Jim Starlin; features cover art by Gil Kane.

Marvel, hardback, 312 pages, published November 2010

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