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The Big Book Of Mischief

Krent Able
Krent Able

From the pages of the UK's award-winning, infamous music newspaper, The Stool Pigeon (a solid fave with the FP blog crew and available free in our stores), come Krent Able's mind-blowing, appallingly hilarious and beautifully drawn rock-star abusing comic strips, gathered together for the first time. Featuring exclusive new comics and illustrations, join the dashing and hirsute Mr. Able as he takes a chainsaw to the icons of music. See Lou Reed's trouble with monkeys! Goldfrapp's thirst for perverted vengeance! Johnny Cash in drug-related impotence shocker! Kraftwerk sadly miniaturised and toasted! Lily Allen crushed by Satan! The Beach Boys return from beyond the grave to eat your guts and kill your pets.

Knockabout, paperback, 64 pages, published October 2012


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