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X-Force Volume 2 Hardcover


An old X-team foe, Bastion, has weaponized the Legacy virus — a scourge that once nearly wiped out all mutantkind — and begun infecting mutants, causing them to self-destruct and resulting in mortal damage to those around them. As X-Force tracks Bastion, the stakes are raised when the mutant-hating robot kidnaps three young mutants very close to the team. And to make matters worse, X-23’s diabolical creators, the Facility, return to claim their “escaped property.”

Then, Wolverine fights his way into a Hydra base to save the life of a mutant child! And finally, when Domino is targeted by the infamous Assassin’s Guild, she reluctantly accepts Wolverine's help. The two set about fending off their attackers — and putting the moves on each other. Can the X-Force team-mates compete against a murderer’s row of villains while distracted by each other?

Collecting X-Force (2008) issues #12-13, #17-20 and Annual #1; plus X-Force: Sex & Violence #1-3, written by Craig Kyle, Christopher Yost & Robert Kirkman, pencilled by Clayton Crain, Michael Choi, Jason Pearson & Gabriele Dell’Otto, with cover artwork by Clayton Crain.

Marvel, hardback, 248 pages, published January 2012

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