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Spider-Man/Mary Jane : You Just Hit the Jackpot


Fans know her as Spider-Man's girlfriend, wife and confidante - but Mary Jane Watson won't stand in anyone's shadow! This red-headed knockout has plenty of her own stories to tell! Learn about MJ's tragic upbringing; and witness her reconcile with her family by making the hardest decisions she ever made, stand up to an obsessed stalker and fight for her life against a madman who thinks she's Spider-Man!Plus: When did she learn Spider-Man's secret identity? What did they do on their first date? And how tightly do her and Peter's lives entwine? Get the full scoop here, Tiger!


Collecting Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #43, #259, #291-292, #309 and Annual #19; Untold Tales of Spider-Man #16; the Amazing Spider-Man: Parallel Lives Graphic Novel; and Amazing Spider-Man (1999) #50, written by Stan Lee, Kurt Busiek, Tom DeFalco, Louise Simonson, David Michelinie, Gerry Conway and J. Michael Straczynski, pencilled by John Romita, Pat Olliffe, Ron Frenz, Mary Wilshire, John Romita Jr., Alex Saviuk and Todd McFarlane, with a cover by John Romita.

Marvel, paperback, 272 pages, published August 2009

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