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Incredible Hulk: Dogs of War

Paul Jenkins
Sal Buscema

Banner's wife has died of radiation poisoning. He's begun to remember incidents of child abuse. A psychologist has discovered that he has multiple personalities brought on by the abuse, creating the possibility of transformation into multiple versions of the Hulk. And a general, who can't see past his own self-righteousness, has sworn himself to kill the scientist.

So who is the monster? Is it the father of Banner's wife who will not rest until The Hulk is brought to justice? Is it Banner's father for childhood abuse, fueling a rage within him that would one day be given voice in The Hulk? Or is it Banner himself for creating a device meant to destroy man in the first place?

Reprints The Incredible Hulk (vol. 2) issues #12 - #20, with art from Mike McKone, Mark McKenna, Sal Buscema and Ron Garney.

Marvel, paperback, 224 pages, published January 2001 

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