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Incredible Hercules : Dark Reign Premiere Hardcover

Fred Van Lente

Proudly presenting, for the first time in Marvel continuity ... the origin of Hercules! How did the young man who becomes the Lion of Olympus learn of his divine heritage? In what battle did he earn the title "Prince of Power?" And, most importantly, why does the goddess Hera hate him so, now that her Dark Reign begins to fall across New Olympus?


Also, in the aftermath of the Skrull invasion, Amadeus Cho goes on "The Quest for Kirby!" Collecting Incredible Hercules #126 to 131, written by Fred Van Lente and Greg Pak, pencilled by Rodney Buchemi, Dietrich Smith and Ryan Stegman, with a cover by Ed McGuinness.

Marvel, hardback, 152 pages, published September 2009

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