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Hulk : World War Hulk - Gamma Corps

Frank Tieri
Carlos Ferreira

The Hulk. The Abomination. The Leader. The Harpy. Doc Samson. Born of gamma radiation, they represented a new chapter of humanity. Now, spawned through their respective DNA has come the next generation: the Gamma Corps. Recruited and trained by the enigmatic General Ryker, their mission is a simple one: to kill the Incredible Hulk. And considering he's facing 5-1 odds, is that a mission even this new-and-improved version of the Green Goliath can prevent?

Collecting World War Hulk : Gamma Corps issues #1 to 4, Written by Frank Tieri, with pencils by Carlos Ferreira and featuring cover artwork from Francis Tsai.

Marvel, paperback, 96 pages, published May 2008

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