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House of M : No More Mutants Hardcover


The House of M saga continues! First, special investigator of human and mutant affairs Ismael Ortega teams up with Lucas Bishop to take down terrorists from the Human Resistance Movement, beginning with a plot to kill hundreds by sabotaging a glamorous movie premiere!

And in New X-Men, the Helions go up against a group of New Mutants from the future! Then, watch as the Exiles return to prime Earth to do battle with Proteus. In House of M: The Day After, the X-Men struggle to pick up the pieces in a world that's changed forever.

Collecting Mutopia X issues #1 to 5, New X-Men #16 to 19, Exiles #69 to 71, House Of M: The Day After and Giant-Size Ms. Marvel #1, written by David Hine, Nunzio DeFilippis, Christina Weir, Tony Bedard and Chris Claremont, pencilled by Lan Medina, Aaron Lopresti, Paul Pelletier and Randall Green, with a cover by Olivier Coipel.

Marvel, hardback, 352 pages, published May 2010




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