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Global Frequency

Warren Ellis

Collecting the entire Global Frequency 12-issue series in one volume! Global Frequency is a worldwide rescue organization that offers a last shred of hope when all other options have failed. Manned by 1,001 operatives, the Frequency is made up of experts in fields as diverse as bio-weapon engineering and Le Parkour Running. Each agent - equipped with a special mobile vid-phone - is specifically chosen by Miranda Zero, enigmatic leader of the Global Frequency, based on proximity, expertise, and, in some cases, sheer desperation! Written by Warren Ellis, with art and cover by Garry Leach, Glenn Fabry, Steve Dillon, Roy A. Martinez, Jon J. Muth, David Lloyd, Simon Bisley, Chris Sprouse, Karl Story, Lee Bermejo, Tomm Coker, Jason Pearson and Gene Ha, featuring cover artwork by Brian Wood

DC, paperback, 288 pages, published January 2013


DC Comics


Global Frequency


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