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Garth Ennis' Dan Dare Volume 1 Omnibus Hardcover UK

Garth Ennis
Gary Erksine

Dan Dare has been an icon since 1950. Elaborate stories of his space travel and galactic battles defending people of the universe captivated post-War baby boomers. Dan Dare's adventures burst to the forefront of pop culture, selling nearly 1 million copies each week in the pages of the Eagle Comic. And now he's back!

Dan Dare is set in the future, albeit not too many decades from the present day. Colonel Dare is still vibrant and courageous ­ but now he's retired. His retirement is a self-imposed exile, the result of his disgust with politics and the post-nuclear warfare that has destroyed North America and much of Asia - leaving the UK as the world's last remaining superpower.


Readers familiar with Dan Dare stories will recognize many of the original cast including a wiser and more experienced Digby; the innovative, brilliant and beautiful Professor Peabody; and of course the enemy of all that is good, the super-intelligent ruler of the Treens - The Mekon, together with a mix of galactic evil beings. The Dynamite Hardcover Edition will feature the complete Ennis/Erskine series (originally published by Virgin) along with a complete cover gallery and features a cover by Dave Gibbons. 


Dynamite, hardback, 208 pages, published February 2009


Also available - the original Dan Dare stories from The Eagle are being collected in very handsome hardback editions by Titan (complete with extras) as the Classic Dan Dare

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