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Cable & Deadpool Volume 7: Separation Anxiety

Deadpool has decided to face the skeletons in his closet, dive deep into that dark void he calls a soul and rattle things up a bit. First order of business: Taskmaster. Second order of business: a knock-down drag-out BRAWL!


Plus: the aftermath of the X-Men's battle against the Hecatomb has cost Cable a huge chunk of his island paradise of Providence and an even bigger slice of his soul. With all his hopes for the future of the planet Earth in jeopardy, now would be a pretty bad time for a reunion with Deadpool, wouldn't it? And an even worse time for... an assassination! Collecting Cable & Deadpool #36 - 42; written by Fabian Nicieza; pencilled by Reilly Brown, with cover artwork by Patrick Zircher.


Marvel, paperback, 176 pages, published August 2007

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