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Boilerplate Hardcover

This is the official illustrated history of Boilerplate, a turn-of-the-last century robot, and its colourful adventures around the world, including some with key historical figures. After losing a loved one to war, the brilliant Professor Archibald Campion invented a robot soldier and unveiled it at the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1893. Unusually, the U.S. was not engaged in any military conflict, and at the Exposition, Edison and Tesla were introducing their world-changing technology, and as a result, the robot, nicknamed Boilerplate, was pretty much overlooked.


However, while Boilerplate was relegated to the dustbins of history, that didn't mean he didn't get out and about in the world. He and Professor Campion had remarkable adventures around the globe that included a trek across Antarctica, the Klondike Gold Rush, fighting alongside Teddy Roosevelt at San Juan Hill, riding in the sands with Lawrence of Arabia, and finally ending up at the frontlines of World War I in France. This 4-colour book is profusely illustrated with incredible period illustrations including photos, paintings, posters, cartoons, maps, and other images.


abrams, hardback, 168 pages, published October 2009

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