Review: Heroines Zine

Published On December 4, 2013 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Reviews

The Heroines Zine

Edited by Julia Scheele


Julia Scheele’s forbidding cover may promise many dark things inside this zine of female heroines from an array of the UK comics scene’s best, but inside you’ll find much to inspire, enlighten, entertain, and downright make you smile.

It’s 28 pages of zine fun, art, strips, text, musings, photos and more about the women that inspired various artists and writers included within. The contributors include Julia, Lizz Lunney, Kieron Gillen, Ellen J Rogers, Tom Humberstone, Heather Wilson, Chrissy Williams, Natalie Guest, Cara Ellison, Sara Westrop, Philippa Rice, Timothy Winchester, Alistair Bohm. A healthy mix of styles and ideas, loads to read, lots to see. Much to enjoy.

Sod it, this is proving to be not so much a review as a plea to give Julia Scheele money, but so be it, she’s ace, and hopefully 2014 will see more comics from Scheele, one of my favourite artists. Go buy Heroines, yet another interesting project from the mind of Scheele. Beneath this you’ll see a few examples of just why you need to splash the cash….


(Ripley by Tom Humberstone)


(Buffy by Sara Westrop and Jane Straw)


(Clarissa by Lizz Luney)


(and finally, because it was her idea, Julia Scheele with a beautiful piece to finish her zine – Sleater-Kinney’s Carrie Brownstein)


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