Review: Chloe Noonan 4.5

Published On December 2, 2013 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Reviews

Chloe Noonan 4.5

Marc Ellerby


Ellerby’s being lazy. Nothing out for this years Thought Bubble except this little 12-pager Chloe Noonan 4.5.

Bah. These superstar comics people.

Nah, I’m teasing. Obvs.

I’m also trying to be 14, which is really, really, really sad.

No way could I be anywhere near as cool as Chloe Noonan; monster hunting ginger whinger extraordinaire.

Chloe is Ellerby’s brilliant character, think Catherine Tate doing an impression of Buffy crossed with Scott Pilgrim, or something like that, and although there’s only 12-pages here, they’re 12- fine, fine pages, full of a mini serving of everything we’ve come to expect from Ellerby’s acidic heroine, all piss and vinegar, a reluctant monster hunter, more concerned with what’s going on with her facebook than the job she’s meant to be concentrating on.

The setup is delicious, Chloe’s mentor prof is off on conference duty, and Chloe (and inevitably her friend Zoe) are on monster baby-sitting duty…



Oh hell, don’t let Zoe anywhere near the pick ‘n’ mix Chloe, only doom can come from this!

And of course, terrible doom does come from it, although Noonan frankly doesn’t give much of a toss at all.

There is manic sugar rush, pissed off monsters, dubstep frenzy, sugar highs and sugar lows, accidents, monsters released, a prof returning and thoughts on just how it’s come to pass that this rubbish Noonan girl ended up being his monster hunter.

Pretty much a perfect episode of a great comic series really, loads of fun, loads of laughs. Ellerby promises more Noonan in 2014. He’d better be telling the truth this time, as he’s sitting on a goldmine here. Chloe Noonan deserves to be absolutely, utterly, completely huge.

Oh, one final bit of funny… classic Noonan sign-off. Poor prof…


Frankly, if you missed out on this edition you should be ashamed. But all is not lost, you can still splash a meagre amount of cash and pick up the (near) complete Noonan from Ellerby’s Great Beast store here. Nope, got it wrong – you can get it from Ellerby direct – right here –

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2 Responses to Review: Chloe Noonan 4.5

  1. Marc Ellerby says:

    Thanks Richard! You’re good to me as per usual. I’m working on two Noonan comics at the moment, so we should be seeing a lot more of her in 2014.

    You can still buy the new mini comic from my own store (it’s not a Great Beast title as it doesn’t fall into the specifications of the GB brand)

    • Richard Bruton Richard Bruton says:

      Good man. But only two?

      Changed the links to point to your store. Cheers for the pick-up.