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Published On April 14, 2013 | By Richard Bruton | Comics

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Alan Moore and Bill Sienkievicz’s Shadowplay: The Secret Team, originally released back in 1988 as half of the graphic novel Brought To Light dealt with a secret history of the CIA, all the dirty money, lies, drugs, bloodshed, Moore’s words given form by the visceral imagery of Bill Sienkievicz.

There were noises in 2011 of a reissue of the book, but nothing has come of that as yet. It would be lovely to see a deluxe hardcover, reworked artwork, even lovelier to see the package include the excellent spoken word CD performance by Moore soundtracked by Gary Lloyd and released on CD in 1998.

However until that point, it’s either pick up an expensive copy secondhand or listen online. I’d seen occasional excerpts on You Tube before, but now the entire performance is there all packaged together in one playlist.

So come on in, pull up a stool at the bar, there’s a bad smell and a hacking cough to your side, turning you see a horrible sight, a giant American Eagle, worse the wear, old, bedraggled, decrepit. He opens his mouth, and the secrets of a century of darkness come out of his mouth…..

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