Thought Bubble: Artists Chinese Whispers

Published On November 29, 2012 | By Joe Gordon | Comics

Oh, this is pretty awesome. Artist James Downing took a small sketchbook to Thought Bubble in which he drew a picture on the first page and then asked various artists to draw the same picture on the next page from memory, after glancing at it once. And so on.  Participating artists included Kristyna Baczynski, Timothy Winchester, Kate Beaton, Laura Copeland, Jonathan Edwards, Mike and Katie (Tado), Lizz Lunney, Philippa Rice, Joe List, Josh Clarke, Nikki Stuart, Jen Smith, Nich Angell, Draw Millward, Tom J Newell, Olly Moss, Luke Pearson, Stuart Wood, Glyn Dillon, Simone Lia, Karrie Fransman, Karen Rubins, Chris Squink, Jenni Bryan, Marc Ellerby, Becky Dreistadt, Louise Ho and Decadence Comics.

Below is the picture he drew on the first page and the second entry by Kristyna Baczynski:

I don’t want to post all the pictures here, as you need to see them in order to track the progression.You can see each artist’s entry over at James’ site. It’s interesting to see how what seems like a fairly basic picture slowly transforms into something different. My favourite entry is by Philippa Rice: I like how she sticks to her aesthetic and it really stands out in a fresh way here:


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