Reviews: Propaganda’s Best Of November 2012

Published On December 8, 2012 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Reviews

Okay, only two to pick this week, for a few reasons. First, it’s been a month of little doing, few reviews finished, a general hmmm. Then we had the build-up and come-down from Thought Bubble and the first British Comic Awards. That took a huuuge chunk of time. And finally, we had the wonderful reviews from Zainab and James across the blog this month.

However, even though it’s only two, they are, I promise you, quite wonderful……

Imagined Landscapes: Sketchbook Volume 2

By Jonathan Edwards

This was simply gorgeous, a few sketchbook pages of landscapes, yet something that filled me with joy, confusing me with the real response to the work.

….the works inside Imagined Landscapes are quite simply gorgeous, organic shapes masking futuristic buildings, artificial lines flowing into nature seamlessly, beautifully. I can sit and stare at it over and over and over again, it simply doesn’t get tired….

2000AD – Judge Dredd, The Simping Detective, Lowlife

..more and more, the highlight from any issue of 2000AD at the moment comes from sitting and reading Judge DreddLowlife, and The Simping Detective one after the other. It’s turning into such an epic tale, pieces coming from one strip, echoing into the other, reverberating through to the third, and then back again.

And specifically, lets praise Prog 1807, where the crossover between the three strips became obvious, but did so without any advertising, without any spoilers, and it was a wonderful moment, a real wow.

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