Film: Peanuts heading to the big screen?

Published On October 10, 2012 | By Joe Gordon | Comics, Film & TV

Total Film is reporting there are plans afoot for a Peanuts feature film, planned for 2015 to coincide with the 65th anniversary of one of the world’s most beloved comic strips of all time. I’m really not sure if this is a good idea – I love Peanuts, grew up reading it, still adore it now, but it works in short bursts, four panel strips. Even for the animated television outings stories would be relatively short, so how it gets drawn out to the running time for a feature film I’m really not sure, and I’m not convinced those characters would suit feature length type narrative (although of course if they go ahead with it I’d want it to be good, but as the man said when booking his train and restaurant times, I have my reservations).

(Snoopy looks over a first draft of the script sent to him by his agent)

However, Total Film goes on to note that perhaps this isn’t just Hollywood looking for any beloved property they can shoehorn into a movie (most likely an animated film), regardless of how well (or not) it may fit, as both Schulz’s son and grandson, Craig and Bryan Schulz, are involved in planning it, so one would presume they would try to maintain the integrity of the original work. No doubt we’ll be hearing more on this further down the line. I’m guessing the idea of turning the film into a gritty World War One drama called Curse You, Red Baron!, where Snoopy is shot down and Captain Charlie Brown leads a rag-tag group of friends on an unauthorised rescue mission behind enemy lines is probably a non-starter for the concept, especially as I just made it up.


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  1. AndyB says:

    Snoopy Come Home was released in cinemas in 1972, at a duration of 80 minutes. I’ve watched it on home video (Betamax!)

    I see from Wikipedia that there were three others, but I’ve never seen them.