Doctor Who Saturdays…. sort of..

Published On December 1, 2012 | By Richard Bruton | Film & TV

Well, Saturday evenings are for Doctor Who. We all know that. Some strange beings in chez Bruton seem to believe there’s a place for something about Dancing, some singing contest, and a show in which two short Geordies torture boring people famous in a few gossip magazines. But we know that’s not true. Don’t we?

So here, instead of an actual episode or similar, we can at least have a little bit of new Who: above you get the movie style poster for the Christmas episode, and below you can see a little of the episode’s villains, and a hint of the Beeb’s Doctor Who Activity calendar for this year…. hey, it’s December the 1st, that means it’s officially Christmas…..


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2 Responses to Doctor Who Saturdays…. sort of..

  1. Linnéa says:

    I wasn’t planning on making a gingerbread house this year, when I heard a strange, but faint sound coming from the livingroom… Out of nowhere, the TARDIS appeared!

    Happy Holidays from Sweden!

  2. DoctorSplash64 says:

    I watch some of the older episodes. One that caught my eye was were they had to get this rocket ready to fly to the moon. Rough landing, Frazer Hines slips his hand into Zoies crotch where upon she grabbed his arm and tried to keep him from going any further. Always the unexpected.