Dan Haycock: working through Brunetti with some nice results

Published On April 15, 2012 | By Richard Bruton | Animation, Comics

Thanks to John Welding for the heads up on this one: “Off to me big computer for a better neb at this… “@_unbatondecolle: New comic!! ‘Licking Piss off a Peashooter‘”

It’s a new post from Dan Haycock. He’s been working his way through the Ivan Brunetti Cartooning: Philosophy & Practice book, and this time the exercise invovled colouring. A perfect example of how different colour styles can affect the tone of the piece.

“So, here is another exercise set from the Brunetti book that I have taken an incredibly long, laborious time ever.  I guess I try to fit in as many trials as I can into these single assignments, even though they are probably better attempted in a freer more ‘dashed-off’ style. What we have here is the second version (the first is below for comparison purposes) of the colour trial.  I really like the direction the later one is going.  I used some of those inkybrushes that are just sooo handy for quick work.  Mixed up some greys, a couple of pastels and a strong(ish) red and went at it like a bull in a china shop.  Some parts have worked and others haven’t… but that’s the only way I seem to get anything close to satisfying.  I guess practice will eventually allow me to produce the better parts on a more consistent level. In between the two versions are a few of, what I consider  to be the better bits. The one at the bottom was coloured in Photoshop and is just awful and flat.”

Here’s the first 8 panels, top in colour by hand, bottom in photoshop, but first, the panel, enlarged, that made me sit up and take notice in the first place… such simple work, but just so lovely….

To see the rest, head to Haycock’s blog. He’s a art & graphics teacher as far as I can make out, and makes me wish my teachers (or Molly’s current teachers) were as inventive!

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