Best of 2012: Too soon? Colin Smith is first out the traps….

Published On November 17, 2012 | By Richard Bruton | Best of the Year 2012, Comics

When to start with the best of lists? A problem faced by anyone with an interest in these sorts of things at this time of year.

Personally, I leave it till December before even thinking about it myself, but as a website, we start putting out the feelers for Best Of Year lists at the start of November, just so people can get things together and send them in in good time for us to be able to set them up throughout December.

But mid November? Seems a bit too quick off the mark to me. So far I’ve seen just a handful, but I’m sure there are more out there.

However, the first out the traps that’s worth paying attention to was a sort-of, but not quite best of the last 12 months from excellent comics blogger Colin Smith of Too Busy Thinking About My Comics who hits us with The Best Original Graphic Novels Of The Past 12 Months. And if we needed any evidence of just how bloody good the world of comics has been to us this past year there are 10 magnificent examples right there; Nao Of Brown, Building Stories, Love & Rockets #5, Days Of Destruction Days Of Revolt, August Moon, Nelson (which sort of pushes the whole 12 months right to its very limit – Nelson was released at Thought Bubble 2011), Goliath, The Hypo. And stretching the definition of best of year to breaking point; Jim Medway’s Playing Out, which wasn’t released this year, Smith was simply lucky enough to get his hands on a preview pdf.



But what a list. So strong. Good to see a couple of the nominees for the British Comic Awards make it onto there as well. And I reckon Nao Of Brown is in with a damn fine shot of getting onto the nominations for next years BCA Best Book Award – it was just outside publication dates for the 2012 awards.

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