Don Quixote Volume 1 – a preview of the quest….

Published On August 26, 2011 | By Joe Gordon | Animation, Comics

Okay, treat time… Here’s the first several pages from Rob Davis’ Don Quixote Volume 1, coming from SelfMadeHero in September, and a book many have already marked down for great, great things.

“In a sleepy village in medieval Spain, a retired country gentleman spends his waking hours consuming tales of chivalry. Viewing logic, propriety or sanity as no obstacles toward fulfilling his dreams, this would-be hero reinvents himself as the Knight-Errant, Don Quixote.

He sets out across the arid open country in search of adventures accompanied only by his faithful (if skinny) steed Rocinante and his dim-witted squire and sidekick Sancho Panza. A cornerstone of Western literature, Don Quixote is regarded by many as the first example of the modern novel and the most famous book of Spanish origin.”

In addition to these preview pages, should you want to see more, Rob has a great deal more art and a lot of analysis of his methods and reasoning over at his blog; Dinos and Skilldos. Take this for example:

“If you’re not familiar with the original book you may be surprised to learn that it contains eternal truths about love and loss as well as madness, delusion and goats. But love is to some extent the ultimate madness and delusion, it’s the quixotism we all indulge in (not sure where the goats fits in, but each to their own, eh). Maybe the best way to appreciate the idealist, the impulsive, the rash romantic that is Don Quixote is to think of madness as love, then his crazy exploits don’t seem any more ridiculous than our own.

For Don Quixote love is as unrequited and sweet as a teenage crush. Everything he does is for the Lady Dulcinea del Toboso, a figment of his imagination, a deep, lasting love he has projected onto a peasant girl in the village. Nothing like a teenage crush to make you act like a fool, you might not have dressed in armour and fought windmills, sheep and cats to prove the validity of your own imagined love, but it will probably have found a way to make a fool of you I’m sure.

It’s in the stories within stories from the people he meets on the road that we get a more realistic picture of how men and women inflict their madness upon each other in the name of love. They’re simple morality tales with a cruel twist and a wicked sense of humour.”

We shall leave poor Don Quixote there, right at the beginning of his adventures.

But hopefully we’ll revisit in a little while. It does look like being something very, very impressive.

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  1. Can’t wait to see it!