Sarah McIntyre talks to Philip Reeve

Published On September 9, 2010 | By Joe Gordon | Books, Comics, Interviews

Sarah McIntyre, one of our faves around here, talks to the very fine author Philip Reeve; it’s a lovely interview, bit different from some I have read, where Sarah talks about various things in addition to her own lovely illustrations for books and comics, from growing up with an engineering father to discussing some of Darryl Cunningham’s mythbusting strips, go and check it out:

PR:  I get very tired of hearing writers and artists defining themselves as ‘creative’, as if what your father and godfather did isn’t!  It’s hard to imagine anything much more creative or romantic than the Saturn V rocket and the Apollo programme.  Yet I remember reading somewhere that an extraordinarily high percentage of the American public believe the moon landings never happened.  It’s quite easy to imagine that in a few more generations nobody will believe it, and these vast achievements might be forgotten…

SM: Yes! A Leeds-based friend of mine, Darryl Cunningham, recently made a comic strip about just that topic, called The Moon Hoax. He’s been tackling several controversial subjects, such as mental health issues, the MMR scandal and homeopathy; comics have been a great medium for telling the stories of the debates in an engaging way, and comics format is much more pleasant to the eye than a huge chunk of scientific text. Darryl’s had an overwhelming amount of response on the internet, hundreds of comments for every strip. “

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