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Avengers : The Contest

Mark Gruenwald
John Romita Jr

I am the Grandmaster! Never, in a thousand games on a thousand worlds, have I quit the table ere the game was through!

Marvel’s first miniseries, an event so big it required every hero Earth has! Time and again, the Grandmaster sets heroes against heroes in cosmic games with billions of lives at stake! Daredevil vs. Iron Fist! Captain America vs. Mockingbird! Iron Man vs. She-Hulk! Black Knight vs. Moon Knight! Wolverine vs. Black Panther! Thor vs. Wonder Man!

Plus: Bucky, Mar-Vell, Dracula, Drax, the Green Goblin, the Red Guardian and so many more! Collecting Contest Of Champions #1-3, West Coast Avengers Annual #2 and Avengers Annual (1967) #16, written by Mark Gruenwald, Bill Mantlo, Steven Grant, Steve Englehart & Tom DeFalco, pencilled by John Romita Jr., Al Milgrom & Bob Hall, with a cover by John Romita Jr.

Marvel, paperback, 168 pages, published May 2012

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