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Affiliate Program

Forbidden Planet International Affiliate Program

If you're interested in signing up to the affiliates scheme, click here: SIGN UP. By signing up you agree to our affiliate scheme terms & conditions, see below.

Thank you for your interest in Forbidden Planet International’s Affiliates scheme. We know that nobody spreads the word faster than fans and we’d love for you to join up and start earning money with us today.


Once you have signed up as an affiliate here is how we pay you:

Our 10% commission is paid on the retail price of an item, less VAT and does not include any part of the postage and packing costs.

We pay you once a month, or, when you have reached our minimum pay out earnings of £10. Any earnings of less than £10 that happen in any given month will be carried over to the next and paid when you make the £10 commission payout level.

We pay you against the retail price on the day you generate the sale and not on the day the item ships. So if prices have dropped by the time a pre-order product goes out the warehouse door you will receive your commission against the earlier, higher price.

As you would expect we pay commission against COMPLETED orders. So we cannot be responsible for any of the following

• Customer order cancellations
• Items cancelled or discontinued by the manufacturer.
• Orders affected by our suppliers being unable to supply all the goods we need.

Termination of agreement

Either we (FPI), or you, can terminate the agreement at any time. However please let us know via e-mail if you are doing this so we can close your account down on our side and save someone some work at a later date reconciling it.

Potential Violations

FPI will terminate your Affiliate agreement, and ask you to remove links should you publish content that could, in our judgement, be deemed libelous, illegal, or offensive.

We also ask that you don't represent yourself as being employed by FPI or that you speak for FPI. Misrepresenting us may also be cause to have your account terminated.

More Questions? Gen in touch!

Remember we all want to spread the love we have for the product we sell and the public buys. We are here to help you make that experience as much fun as possible and are dedicated to helping you to sell more of the stuff we stock.

If you still have questions after reading this FAQ please drop Lee and Martin a line at